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the bi girl's project

this project was first initiated by mie (dyasha) wong - also known as myself, in the introduction to photography course at mahidol university international college (muic) in thailand. it is a mental-health-related subject under the topic in french, "rembobiner" (rewind). before i decided to work on this project, i was afraid to speak up or talk about this topic explicitly because i was frightened of being judged by people i do not even know. after i put effort into working on this final project for the course, i figured out that this topic is taboo in my home country (thailand). many people still have wrong perceptions about bipolar disorder, depression and other mental illnesses. the key message is that i want people to value others as human beings instead of their differences, different abilities or illnesses. as i have been through both bipolar disorder and severe depression, i was lost and later found a way to express my pain through photography. thanks to my photography ajarn (which means "professor" in thai), cory, who always helps me and gives me valuable-constructive guidance to work on this project wholeheartedly. that is the reason why i extended to work on this year-long project (probably years). i also got inspiration from jim goldberg for descriptive writing parts, making it digitally. the photographs under this project are live on mie's website on 4 december 2022 on her space (website) to raise awareness and make changes. 

i am more than ready to be the voice of people with bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. i want you (both people with mental illnesses and others who feel depressed, hopeless or desperate) to hear this: you are not alone, i understand your situation, and i will not judge you. you guys are strong enough to defeat your fights, i am waiting for you to get the victory you all deserve. "the bi girl's project" refers to me as someone who has lived (and struggled) with bipolar disorder type ii and severe depression for more than five years, since sixteen.


if you want to be a part of this project in bangkok, contact me at or follow her instagram: @la_dyaz. do not worry about your identity, or a symbol (like tattoos or scars) that reveals who you are is forbidden under my morals, i will always find a way to cover up people who participate in the project, so some individuals with bad intentions will not try to witch-hunt you. this depends on your will, it is also okay if you do not mind about this matter.

ps. this page is about things i am working on, especially photography and probably journalling. english is my second language, but i use it as a tool to communicate with people from all over the world since i want it to go worldwide to raise awareness. i hope you would be able to understand what i am trying to say :) for the photos, i will include both thai and english versions in order to communicate effectively with the audience/other readers.

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